Authentication of The Bat

In anticipation of this sale, the 1924 Babe Ruth Home Run bat has been authenticated by world-renowned autograph expert, Jimmy Spence. The bat has been giving the highest rating available, PSA/DNA GU10.

A full letter of authenticity verifying the autograph of the bat is included. The bat has been assigned a unique hologram number Y21981 which is verifiable at the website,

As part of this review, Spence notes:
Writing instrument: Steel Tip Fountain Pen
Color: Black

"The inscription, To the Champion Batter, Los Angeles High School League, Babe Ruth 1924", was penned in the hand of Babe Ruth.

Bat expert John Taube of PSA/DNA assigned the bat a unique certification number, 1B07483 which is permanently registered in the company's database.

Length: 36"
Weight: 42.1 ounces

Taube confidently notes, "In addition to the bat's unquestionable history, Ruth's autograph and dated inscription confirm the events outlined in the many articles that are included with the bat, further elevating its stature in the realm of his (Ruth's) finest documented bats."

"To The Champion Batter,
Los Angeles High School League"

George Herman "Babe Ruth" 1924

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